Spilling the Beans

we look so happy, it’s creepy loll #folklorico #durango #losmejicas #ucsc


rainy day

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i’m so excited! :D

someone fell or jumped off a bridge this morning. i'm not sure.

and then there’s this. listen to the one at 8:45 from February 27th.


the only way i see someone could’ve fell off that bridge is if they were walking on the rails.

omggg this just in. they’re really going to do the harlem shake in the quarry plaza….like right now…

less than a month and i’ll be back at school.

i’m indifferent about this. 

guess who just bought their ticket to see Little Women tomorrow night? Me! i don’t like opera, but I loved the book. I’m going to give it a chance. don’t let me downn:)

I feel like I’m at carniceria :p

Whenever I see these plants around campus, all I can think about is Jurassic Park (:

this bus ride has got to be one of the most “epic” rides ever for me. It makes the commute to school fun.

i can focus anymore. Mchenry you suckk

oh heyyy!
don’t mind me i’m just here bored, taking boring pictures in core.
hooray for small group discussions.

my friend managed to wake me up like at 4 to go block the west entrance of campus. 

sooo we go to the west entrance to find our that they need like 30 people at the base. so off i go with some of my friends to the base. i realize how much i love the bus because that walk is hella tiring. 

we get to the base just to be told that we need to walk up to the east entrance by faculty housing. THEN they said that they need a small group to go to the village to block off bike/dirt pathways that was used two years ago to bring workers on campus secretly. 

sure enough as we get there we see a white van heading up the bike path and then i see everyone run to the van to block it, and welllll they blocked the van. then there was a truck that floored it but got blocked and in the process of going, i don’t know whose fault it was, a guy was hit. not hit hit, but like a love tap forward. 

they were yelling at the guy in the truck and telling him to go back. which i guess was what you were supposed to do. they let us know that there would be workers walking up the paths so we had to stop them. 

honestly i couldn’t do it. i couldn’t stand there and be mean to the people who come and work for us everyday. it’s like “oh let me be mean to you today and not let you get onto campus, but come back tomorrow and we’ll be nice to you!” 

i tried to keep an open mind about this whole thing, but it’s getting difficult. 

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